Thursday, March 10, 2011

U-Turn Planning to Join Karelian-Finnish-Estonian Co-Operation Project as Partner

U-Turn NGO has been invited by Karelian youth organization 'TRIAS' to join as partner for the project „Indigenous Peoples of Eastern Baltic region: Identity, Cooperation and Development. Strengthening the role of indigenous ethnic groups of Ludians, Karelians and Seto in regional socio-economic development through cultural heritage, identity and cross-cultural dialogue." pending approval of the project application from the European Development Fund.

General objective of the project is to implement innovative models of co-operation and development of partnerships within and between regions of small indigenous ethnic groups in Russia, Estonia and Finland. Specific objectives of the project include:
  • Increase in ethnic self-awareness of representatives of Ludian Karelian ethnic group
  • Development of partnerships and increase in mobility among cultural and business communities as well as local administration in the habitats of small ethnic groups in Russia, Estonia and Finland
  • Research and implementation of mechanisms to increase the level of ethnic self-awareness for the revival of indigenous culture and languages but also to improve quality of life of ethnic groups, to increase tourist appeal of these regions, to increase ecological responsibility and protect the environment.
  • Creation of common tourist information platform based on shared values and historical-cultural heritage
  • Development of instruments and venues for public discussion and exchange of ideas for representatives of local administration, business, non-commercial sector and cultural sphere, formation of partnerships between these stakeholders.
  • Elaboration of the system of joint events and festivals, offerings of joint tourist products, thematic routes and packages for the tourist market
  • Creation of an expert network to develop new local and regional destination brands.
Additional partners of the expected project include Union of Rural Municipalities of Setomaa (Estonia), Nuori Karjala (Republic of Karelia, Russia), Finland-Russia Society (Finland) and Association of Ludian Karelians in Helsinki (Finland).

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